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We hand repair and restore all types of carpets such as Saxony, textured, frieze, Berber, and level loop. We specialize in luxury rugs such as Persian and Oriental rugs.  This might entail repair or removal of Fringe, repairing tears, even resizing.

Binding of any rug or carpet is important for the simple reason that it keeps the ends from unraveling. Furthermore, it gives the carpet a unique look. Polyester carpet binding tape is stitched on using nylon and cotton threads to ensure a good bond. Serging is also stitched on, however Serging (also known as whipping) is 100% cotton yarns and is considered a much more elegant look.

You want your carpet made with a secured binding and that is cut well. Here at Ace Rug Workroom Inc. we take pride in making every rug specifically to your liking. A quality carpet binding job will help your carpet or rug last for many years. Carpets are a great way to decorate your home or business and express your decorating taste.


Binding is a common method used to finish carpet’s edges in which a strip of fabric (either polyester or cotton) is wrapped around the edge of the carpet and then it stitched-on in order to ensure good bond.



Serging is one of the common methods of finishing carpet’s edges in which thread/yarn is wrapped over the edge leaving the appearance of hand woven edging.



Fringe Replacement or Repair Fringing is a finishing treatment for area rugs. Fringe replacement is a common repair request. When the fringes are tattered or ragged, it is an indicator it is time for the fringe to be replaced; which is a must in order to avoid negative impact on the rug/carpet value and quality. The type and style of rug will dictate which technique is used to repair or replace the fringes.


Cutting Area Rugs

Ace Rug Workroom Inc. executes custom cuts and resizing of carpets and rugs based on the customer guidance and requirements. This service enables customers and designers utilize any carpet and rug regardless of their shape and size.

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